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Título : Teachers should consider the different learning styles of their high school students when planning their lessons.
Autor : Iñaguazo Jordan, Edgar Efrain
Palabras clave : LEARNING
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editorial : Machala : Universidad Técnica de Machala
Descripción : English teaching is complemented by some components such as interactivity and motivation of teachers to students to learn the language Because this is a bit complex. In the process of learning the teacher he aims to build the skills of their students and develop communication skills as they are listening, reading, writing, speaking. Where students can develop these skills be the same as receptive and productive in this research has focused analysis of productive skill Writing. Where students can develop these skills the same as are known as receptive and productive this research it has focused on analysis of productive writing skills. What is the writing and the final result of the application of strategies, techniques, activities consist Take notes, identify the central idea, do erasers and Corrections among many other things to develop this skill. The motivation of the teacher towards its students is very important, to strengthen this ability in students teachers should introduce new vocabulary and grammatical structure: in addition because the apprentice may produce texts, stories, poems, and many things. The "learning styles" have locked several ways that the student or the person takes to develop better learning, based on comments of some researchers bibliographic texts have gathered information that somehow certain styles help the teacher to recognize what or whom they are appropriate and that could help the performance of students in class, however we will mention some of the styles that we have investigated in which they operate more students in their classes for better understanding: visual learning style(images) aural learning style(auditory), Verbal learning style(communication), physical learning style(kinesthetic), logical learning style(analytical), melodic learning style(music), solitary learning style(individual). These styles are common in which students can develop their treasury-motor learning skills. It follows through research, student errors were fundamental for the teacher through analysis, can apply a style appropriate to each. Another research perspective was that learning styles were not the complementary part for the student or the person properly learn, also has much: the age and the environment in which learning takes place, then there are several factors that encuenta teacher should take to implement a real and effective learning within their class, taking into account also a good lesson plan that meets the necessary prospects, the teacher being the promoter and facilitator of good teaching.
URI : http://repositorio.utmachala.edu.ec/handle/48000/9857
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