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Título : Grammar teaching techniques teachers should use in the 9 de octubre high school to make students’ writing skill improve
Autor : Quiñonez Gutierrez, Karen Carolina
Palabras clave : GRAMMAR
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editorial : Machala : Universidad Técnica de Machala
Resumen : The purpose of this work is to identify what the most appropriate grammar teaching technique for improving student’s writing skill is, with the aim of helping teachers to extend their knowledge as well as the students to produce better written texts. among all the skills writing is probably the one students feel more comfortable with as they have more time to think and analyze but when it comes to teaching it, it becomes a serious issue as professors do not have the right tools to do it properly. apart from this, over the past few years there has been a dramatic change in the instructors´ attitude because of this problem. in fact, they feel unmotivated to educate so they have taken the decision of not preparing themselves more to become knowledgeable as far as writing teaching but to follow traditional methods, which do not lead to any improvement. what matters the most in this case is the fact that if students are facing this hassle is not only the educators´ responsibility but also the authorities´ one. these, are the ones who have to provide the best material to master teachers to work according to the students’ needs and make them upgrade their performance. moreover, they have not organized any training to prepare teachers to be ready to transmit the correct information for the good use of grammar in written texts. if done so, the students would feel a greater desire to have further grammar practice exercises without any fear whatsoever.
URI : http://repositorio.utmachala.edu.ec/handle/48000/9819
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