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Título : Conventional resources, ict or audiovisuals that can be used by the english teacher to improve learners’ grammar and vocabulary
Autor : Romero Macas, Glenda Anabel
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editorial : Machala : Universidad Técnica de Machala
Resumen : The current study aims to explain the importance of grammar and vocabulary teaching of english as a foreign language, how teachers deal presenting this two issues in class and the way in which they are lectured in a lesson. it is suggested that both grammar and vocabulary must be taught within a context, since it is quite hard to explain in an isolated way. moreover, it is advised how much grammar should be taught in order to make the process more effective. regarding to vocabulary, it is explained the difference between active and passive vocabulary. the main idea is to let teachers know that words should not be taught before students experience the vocabulary, once learners have seen the word, not matter its category; learners will then use them accordingly. a detailed list of conventional teaching resources is provided, each one with its main characteristic and reason why it have to be used, it is out stood the importance of having these equipment in the classroom and a reason to use either resource.
URI : http://repositorio.utmachala.edu.ec/handle/48000/9680
Aparece en las colecciones: Examen Complexivo Ciencias de la Educación Mención Inglés

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