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Título : Learning strategies to teach vocabulary before starting a class topic aimed to the high school students
Autor : Merchán Medina, Valeria Pamela
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editorial : Machala : Universidad Técnica de Machala
Resumen : The vocabulary is a very important aspect to learn a new language. for that reason, it is important to apply strategies and activities suitable to achieve a good retention.teaching vocabulary through the implementation of these activities aims to make students keep active their knowledge, besides these develop and promote a better and effective learning. also through them allow the student can strengthen and retain new vocabulary. the use of strategies for teaching vocabulary helps the student find it easier to learn new words. this work is based on the teacher to implement strategies that positively influence in teaching vocabulary in high school students before starting a class topic. in this way the learner may have a previous idea about the subject that will treat later and thus associate it with the relevant information. these strategies and activities strengthen and expand the student's vocabulary, creating good communication and fluency in english language.
URI : http://repositorio.utmachala.edu.ec/handle/48000/9650
Aparece en las colecciones: Examen Complexivo Inglés

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