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dc.contributor.authorLoaiza Aguirre, Mariela Beatriz-
dc.description.abstractThis project talks about the use of warm up to begin the lesson not only to do the class fun but also according to the main topic of the lesson. warm ups are useful tools to increase the energy in the students and to make them get into “english mode” which is actually necessary to make the students use the english language. to be able to see the importance of warm ups, it has been described a variety of warm ups applicable in class; also to reveal positive points for using warm ups and also negative points for not using them in the class.furthermore, this project has mentioned the advantages of using warm ups which are favorable for a good management of the class and to get an environment where it is possible to develop them in a properly and effectively way due to the fact that a lot of the students do not like the foreign language.in the same way, it also has been described the disadvantages and how negative repercussions rises in the students’ performance in class producing discouragement, students do not pay attention, and low grades in english classes. the production of this project let us name the importance of warm ups solving the written problems reaching the objectives that we have developed in this work and will be beneficial to get knowledge about the activities in the class called warm ups and the influence in students’ motivation of dr. jose corsino cardenas high school.es_ES
dc.format.extent21 H.es_ES
dc.publisherMachala : Universidad Técnica de Machalaes_ES
dc.subjectWARM UPSes_ES
dc.titleThe use of warm ups to motivate students of dr jose corsino cardenas high school in pasaje 2015 – 2016es_ES
dc.typeExamen Complexivoes_ES
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