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2017Strategies to improve students communicative competences in the first bachalleaurate in Nueve de Octubre high school 2016 2017.Carriel Armijos, Daniel Francisco
2017Teaching strategies for recognizing, using and mastering irregular verbs in affirmative and interrogative form in the students of first baccalaureate.Egas Fajardo, Amanda Milena
2016Knowledge of the international phonetic alphabet and its influence for a suitable pronunciation of consonantsBurgos Segura Diana Olinda
2016The use of warm ups to motivate students of dr jose corsino cardenas high school in pasaje 2015 – 2016Loaiza Aguirre, Mariela Beatriz
2016Conventional resources, ict or audiovisuals that can be used by the english teacher to improve learners’ grammar and vocabularyRomero Macas, Glenda Anabel
2016Confusion among the passive voice and the causative form in the 8th grade students of romeo murillo high schoolTobar Patiño, Carlos André
20-nov-2015Action games used by teachers to encourage students to improve the english languague acquisition in the teaching learning process.Valverde Escobar, Leonardo Javier
20-nov-2015The potential factors that are affecting both phonetics recognition and phonological domain of voiced consonant phonemes.Chimbo Ríos, Ruth Aracely
25-nov-2015Classroom management strategies to achieve a correct management in a classroom with an english language environment.Quinde Tomalá, Silvia Patricia
24-nov-2015Factor that hinder students to recognize and produce some classroom language expressions to talk with the teacher and classmates.Villavicencio Zambrano, Isidro Mauricio