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20-nov-2015Action games used by teachers to encourage students to improve the english languague acquisition in the teaching learning process.Valverde Escobar, Leonardo Javier
24-nov-2015Factor that hinder students to recognize and produce some classroom language expressions to talk with the teacher and classmates.Villavicencio Zambrano, Isidro Mauricio
20-nov-2015Factors that influence the teacher not master the methodological strategies.Bermeo Arce, John Paúl
25-nov-2015Group techniques that teachers use in the teaching-learning process to achieve and integrated significant learning in english learners.Sarango Gonza, Manuel Iván
2016The influence of technological teaching materials in the learning process of english language in students of second year of bachilleratoMontesdeoca Delgado, Eizer Fabián
2016Teachers should consider the different learning styles of their high school students when planning their lessons.Iñaguazo Jordán, Edgar Efraín
21-nov-2015Strategies that teacher should apply in order to students get a better knowledge about the use of simple present tense.Correa Navarrete, Gerardo Mauricio
20-nov-2015Factors that influence teachers not to develop the strategies to improve the correct classroom management with an english language environment.Espinoza Jaramillo, Sayuri Gemita
20-nov-2015Strategies used by teacher to get the student recognize and manage all forms of the plural of the nouns.Sisalima Jaramillo, Damaris Johanna
19-nov-2015Methodological strategy that should be used in class by the teacher to develop the writing skill.González Granda, Priscilla Lizbeth